Scheduled to Appear

Bit Mortis

Summoning retro and future sounds, Bit Mortis brings the dark, sweaty, shreddy vibe to the stage. Incorporating elements of synthwave, chiptune, house, dark wave, EDM, metal, and countless 80s and 90s sound aesthetics, Bit Mortis has two albums available: Neon Reverence and Forensic.

Buried for a Day

Buried For A Day is mathy, heavy, alternative rock written using Game Boys, a Sega Genesis, and a guitar.


Caught between the worlds of analog and digital is where you’ll find C.O.R.Y. His sound is a mixture of retro and modern rhythm that defies genres, and makes you want to get up and move. If you want to dance, C.O.R.Y. has something for you.


Dreamreaper is hard electro/synthwave, the kind of music you would hear in Hotline Miami.


Fygar is a gamer music synthesizer band from Phoenix.

Kawaii Robot Shark

Kawaii Robot Shark is a spirit who takes control of whoever plays his hunted Game Boys. Causing them to play along with his dark chiptunes while under his possession.


Inspired by great synth-based artists such as Devo, Gary Newman, Ultravox, The Cars and Depeche Mode just to name a few, LNDRMN has taken a pop music approach to his music making, producing generally upbeat and danceable tracks with a retro feel. Although primarily an in-the-box producer, LNDRMN does enjoy experimenting with analog and modular synthesis from time to time, and has been known to incorporate these types of musical elements into his tracks.

Neuron Spectre

Neuron Spectre is villanous dark synthwave that hails from the desert wastelands of Arizona.

Robots and Rayguns

Robots With Rayguns was born in 2008, when Lucas Patrick Smith (Gravemachine) combined his love for synthpop, new wave, and modern electro, and turned it into an outlet for producing catchy, hook-driven pop tracks.

Super MadNES

Super MadNES is a brand new heavy metal console designed to load an extremely exciting new type of experience to all gamers and music lovers with a unique heavy, melodic and dynamic musical approach to some of your favorite NES, SNES and arcade soundtracks. This new heavy metal entertainment system consists of gamer musicians who love retro games, the community and understand what we all share in common which is the games themselves.


Much like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, The Wolf in this case is also the Fixer. Wolfzie became involved setting up shows and doing chillwave DJ sets at the Trunkspace in downtown Phoenix. He has, within his short tenure, become one of the most prominent working producers in the valley art and music scene.

Dungeon Destroyah

Beastrumental independent music that will remind you of the likes of Samurai Champloo.

The Gothsicles

Star born sounds off the starboard bow herald the return of international headliners, Chicago’s THE GOTHSICLES to Game On Expo! Back once again with the sic behavior, the extra-planar electro-gamers are set to resurface with an all new mix of ichthyoid electronics and malevolent irreverence. Catch the electronic body magic in round two: FIGHT!

Sergio and the Holograms

Sergio and the Holograms is a tech-progressive live performance, involving life-sized hologram projections; a visual like no other. Originally starting as a “one-man-band” on YouTube doing video game arrangements on a plethora of intstruments, Sergio took his production another step futher by taking it on the road and having himself as his backing band!